Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apple Blossoms

Aren't these pretty? Maybe we will have apples again.

You know how I tell you that I eat cheerios just about every morning? Well my husband came in as I started eating one day this week. And I said I'm having strawberries on my cereal. He said that's the same thing I ate this morning. And I said...Ooooh but did you have Cool Whip on top?

Long ago when he worked his regular job, he told me that one of the men came in fussing one day. He said his children were making Cool Whip Sandwiches. Putting Cool Whip between bread!!

And we wonder how Americans are getting fatter. ha ha

Who ever knew that cherrios could taste like dessert?

I guess we all should eat more apples. Just don't dip them in Cool Whip.


Granny Annie said...

So now were you kidding about the cool whip on the cheerios and strawberries? Cause I was heading for the kitchen to fix a bowl. Sure sounds good to me. However cool whip sandwiches don't sound as appealing.

Our cherry tree has finally blossomed out so we'll be having cobbler soon.

Pen Pen said...

ommm... they make a fat free "light" version of cool whip. LOL

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

First visit here today. I found you via Connie's Thoughts. Beautiful cherry tree!!! I think I have a pear tree in my front yard. Can you tell that I do not know that much about trees? Love being outside too . . . have even planted a few things.
Cheerios . . . sounds good with strawberries . . . cool whip . . . I am not so sure about.
God bless you.

janie said...

I prefer to dip my apples in that gooey chocolate fruit dip! UMMMMM...Good!