Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday Fun

Believe it or not, my husband decided to take the 4th of July off and leave home so we wouldn't be bothered with customers. This is an antique place in Swansboro, N.C. We decided to check it out.

This place had several old buildings filled with wonderful things. In the front yard they had several statues and old junk placed "just so" to catch your attention.

The way things were displayed all around the outside really caught my attention.

These pictures can be clicked on to make them bigger.

This next one is for Margaret my blogger friend who loves old bottles like me.

Inside were the pretty things. So many things to catch your attention.

The painted windows were very interesting to me. I thought this one was unique.

I had many more pictures but decided this is enough for one post. I love old things! If you get a chance visit my friend
Margaret by clicking on her name.


Margaret Cloud said...

I love this place, I have never seen an antique place like this, they really know how to catch a persons eye. I enjoyed the pictures very much, thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to the post about old bottles, thank you for coming by, have a great week.

possum said...

Oh what a fun place!!! We used to have some interesting places around here, but they "got cleaned up" after the original owners passed on.
Guess I will have to make a trip down your way one of these days!

Granny Annie said...

I always wonder who did all the arranging and how long it took them. Love the antiques!

Pat said...

This is my kind of place! I'd love to wander through and see all the treasures, and get some ideas to use at home. I hope these type of places never go out of business, they are great history lessons!

Pen Pen said...

I am pretty sure I've been there. I think there were two antique stores in Swansboro that I visited. Isn't it gorgeous there?

imac said...

Nice post and great pics, did you buy ?

Paula said...

What a fun place to explore. I think I love the old buildings the best!

Deborah Wilson said...

This looks like a great place, Ann. I like the statues for the yard - and check out the tin tubs - back in the day, I used them a lot, mainly for baby baths and washing clothes...:)

Mary said...


I love visiting places like this. The exterior makes it very inviting. It's nice to explore inside and out.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.


Michele said...

What a fun day! And CONGRATS on being Great Grandma! SOOOO exciting:-)

meggie said...

My BIL drives a digger as a hobby job. He lives in New Zealand, but it is amazing how many wonderful finds he has made over the years. NZ is a relatively 'young' country, but the wonderful antique china, & old bottles & flagons he has dug up, have made my sister's home collection priceless.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I LOVE the old blue chair with the flip flops painted right on the seat. Old mixy matchy chairs are best.

janie said...

Fun post! I love places like this. We owned an antique shop at one time. You might say It owned us, and you would be more accurate. It takes a lot of time.

I love the window, and I collect old composition dolls, so of course I had to look at them. I own a red wagon exactly like that one in the pic!


Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

I LOVE the painted windows (amongst other things!). I bought an old window about 5 years ago with an eye to doing something like that with it... It is still sitting behind a table in the living room, unpainted.

I really should DO something with it!

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

The window/coffee table is a GREAT idea, too!