Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Farm Town Addiction

Some one invited me to join facebook... and I did. Someone invited me to join Farm Town...and I did. Thanks to whoever invited me first...I think?

I love to be asked to harvest a farm that has blue berries. You can earn many coins harvesting them. And you can do that in the air conditioning!

These blue berries were picked this morning in the hot sunshine over next to the woods in my side yard. I keep the noise muted when I work on Farm Town so I don't know what kinds of sounds you can hear while harvesting.

Today, I was first aware of the chickens singing their songs when they have laid an egg. It's called cackling! Then I heard the guineas making their noises. They are kinda' loud. Then I heard an owl hooting softly off in the distance. As I was picking, I heard an occasional car pass. It was very peaceful and the berries were plentiful. Occasionally I would hear a lawn mower crank up as my husband tested it to see if he had finished working on that one. All was fine. Until I got hot. And it seemed as if things were biting me. Time to leave that job for now and go back to the air conditioning to cool down.

Hummmm, wonder if I have time to harvest someone's farm while I rest.

Look, I'm not the only one who's hooked. My SIL has changed the name of her farm recently... it is now "Paisley's Place." Don't get a bunch of us Farm girls talking about all the jobs we've been bumped off. Have a nice day... I got farming to do.


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, nice, yummy blueberries! And all the sound effects around you must have been pleasant. But, the biting things are no fun! By the way, it's raining and 72 degrees here, so not hot at all today.

Haha, on the Farm Town, and Yoville and all the other things on Facebook. I can't do any of them. I don't have High Speed Internet yet, and it's just too time consuming to wait for everything to down load and stuff. I was trying to tell Nancy that. I hope she understands. But I know it must be fun to do, in air conditioned comfort, with no biting things bothering you. Maybe one day soon, high speed will arrive in the boonies.

Have fun, Ann.



Mike Golch said...

The thing aboutfarm Town it can become adicting.I know I'm hooked.


I didn't know you were on Facebook. I am listen under Connie Evelyn McEntire if you would like to be my friend or come and visit.

Did you know that I had not eaten fresh blue berries until this last year. I love them. I am so sorry that I have waited so long to try them. I tried the frozen ones first and didn't like them at all. Have a good day. connie

Pat said...

You crack me up! I just joined facebook too. I'm hesitant to do Farmtown, I hear it's so addictive, which of course means I will soon be an addict!
I'll leave you to do your farming...

Debbie J. said...

I love that quilt in the picture Ms. Ann! The blueberries look tasty too!

Granny Annie said...

I still don't get it. I'm of facebook and people keep trying to get me to farm but I don't have a clue what that means. We have real berries and real chickens and real guineas but everyone swears I'll like the other stuff better. Oh well.....glad you are enjoying it.

janie said...

I'm with Grannie Annie; I haven't q clue about farming, or Facebook either. I have yet to join that group, and I have no plans to do so. I can't AFFORD to get addicted to anything else! lol

meg said...

I wondered where you have been! Haha!
Those blueberries look lovely.
I joined Facebook, but dont spend much time there. I am resisting joining other things because I waste enough of my time, as it is! LOL.

Pen Pen said...

LOL on farm town. I still have not allowed myself to click on it. I have too many addictions, already. :o) Your blueberries look yummy.

Paula said...

I felt like I was out there with you, listening to the guineas. My Farmtown Farm has died, and that's okay with me. I certainly don't need another computer obsession! LOL!