Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Doesn't Seem Fair

A while back I posted about Tyler McMillanHere. Yesterday his stepmother had her day in court. For those who don't remember, these people tied their 13 year old son to a tree and left him all night and most of the next day, in some of the hottest weather we've ever had in NC. When his parents called 911 late the next evening it was discovered that he was dead.

He was found witn several insect bites on his arms and legs, and bruises on his legs and buttocks that may have been caused by a rod-like instrument. He also had marks on his wrists and legs consistant with plastic ties.

His dad, Brice McMillian entered an Alford plea of second degree murder and so did the step mother. Brice McMillion was sentenced to 10 to 13 years in prison. His stepmother entered an Alford plea and she was sentenced to 13 to 16 years in prison. (an Alford plea means the McMillians do not admit guilt but acknowledges prosecutors had enough evidence to possible win a conviction.

They say they didn't mean to kill their son. He was being punished (what for?.... was never discussed..) No matter the reason, no one should be treated as this boy was treated. Somehow the sentence doesn't seem fair.


Pen Pen said...

I agree! 13 years is nothing compared to what they did to that child. They should both be tied to the same tree in this hot weather and allowed to suffer, just as he did.

Maddy said...

Some things are very difficult to understand. Here there are so many bits that are impossible to understand. Sometimes I think it may be better to be completely incapable of understanding.
Best wishes

Pat said...

It's not fair. There would be no punishment or sentence that would come close to what they put that child through. If they did that kind of abuse one, I fell pretty confident that he was abused often.
Their punishment is in God's hands.

meggie said...

The law truly is an ass.
We have just had a case where a woman died on a cruise ship, & the mongrels who did it initially got away with it. One man is doing jail time- very little I think. A second is found guilty but given a 15 month suspended sentence, which means he gets no jail. He is an arrogant ugly beast, who smirked at the verdict. He had called the poor woman terrible names. He doesnt deserve to live.

Renie Burghardt said...

I agree with Pen Pen, they should both be tied to a tree and left to suffer what that child suffered! Their punishment is nothing, compared to the punishment they put that boy through. Even life in prison wouldn't be enough punishment for them!

Mary said...


This kind of abuse makes me crazy. I agree with Pen Pen and Renie. Tie them to a tree and leave them there.

At one time a man here was tying his child to the backyard fence by a chain. He even did this in winter. If I'm correct, he is still in prison, right where he should be. Unfortunately, the child died.

At least the parents didn't go free, which is often the case, but the sentence doesn't fit the crime. Laws need to be changed and the parents shouldn't have been allowed the Alford plea.


Anonymous said...




Lady Di Tn said...

I have NO TOLERANCE for abuse,
I think it would have been fitting punishment to do tie them to a tree and see how they faired. NOT ENOUGH JUSTICE for those who commit such crimes.
I get physcially ill when I read such stories.
Have a great 4th. Peace

Anonymous said...


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Bengbeng said...

this is beyond belief. what could have they been thinking to do such a thing? incredible stupidity n cruelty. i am normally a compassionate person but they deserve to b punished

sassystar007 said...

wow! seems today courts are turning away from giving this type of horror a "G" rating.. G for general crimes...Murder is murder, be it first degree or any degree, and to give only light sentences, is absured...Why doesn't the state prosecutor approach the higher court, to ask for an unfair sentence hearing?,
.. And, if this can be done, i suggest, the laws be shown to be fair, somewheres, and demand its passage of sentence to the fullest...This is sick!!!