Monday, June 22, 2009

Already Tired

My neighbor asked us to pick her garden while she is away. Today was the day for me to pick. We've had lots of rain this spring and the weeds have about out grown the vegetables. Still I got a nice picking of green beans, squash, and cukes. I spied a couple of red tomatoes, but they went to mush when I tried to pull them. They were so pretty on the top, but rotten on the bottoms.

When the seeds are just planted, I can hardly wait until the crops come in. Yet, after eating them for a couple of times, I'm already tired. When all the children were home to help eat it up, I enjoyed vegetables all summer. With just the two of us the leftovers last too long. *sigh* They will be ready to pick again before we get all of this eaten. I think everyone planted gardens this year. Everyone plants the same things so its hard to share.*grin*


Pat said...

Your about a month ahead of us Northerners. I'm still in the excited period to see the garden growing! Seems like just about everyone has a garden this year, could it be a sign of the econonmic times?

meggie said...

Are the yellow ones the cucumbers or the squash?
I wish my squash vine had produced some fruit to maturity, but it grew too late in the season.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Ann,

What nice neighbors you have! That yellow squash looks good. I only planted some zucchini this year, as we love it grilled, and it's now starting to come in. I am also getting cukes and green beans. Tomatoes won't be ripe until mid-July, as I got them in a little later. I don't make a big garden anymore, as it's just me, and I share some of it with Eileen and Greg, when he comes. I will have tons of peaches this year, as both trees are loaded. But not until late July. Also have concord grapes, and pears. The pears won't be ripe until October.

It's so darn hot now, that I don't feel like watering, but have to!

Have a great rest of the week. Enjoy all those veggies.



ancient one said...

Meggie, the yellow is the staight neck squash... the cukes are on the left bottom..

Renie, we have never planted zucchini... it taste like squash to me...

dp said...

Well, Ann, I have solution for you on all those veggies for TOO long. Come live in Nova Scotia. You won't be picking tomatoes and cukes until at least mid August in most gardens, except mine. You won't get any tomatoes until lik end of August. It takes so long for things to grow and I am in the farming belt... Then we just have to harvest and east fresh veggies until like the end of September when the threat of frost begins! I am ready to stop picking and eating by then!

Michele said...

Yummy...we had fresh squash, zuccinii, snaps, and cucumbers last night:-)

Paula said...

We have such a short growing season that I have yet to get tired of our garden's bounty. We won't even start seeing it for another month or so.

Quilting Kim said...

Ann, you're still ahead of us if you are already picking crops - what a bounty - must be all of the rain. We are celebrating that it hasn't rained in about 36 hours - YAY!!!

You should try canning some of those veggies so that you can enjoy them out of season. I'm itching for some tomatoes to make salsa.

Pen Pen said...

I ate those very vegetables yesterday and they were delicious!!! Thanks, mom!

Debbie J. said...

Ms. Ann, we've got squash in the fridge. I cook squash about every day it seems. We love them, but there's only so many ways to cook them! Also have green beans and cukes. If my Mama were able, she'd be canning and freezing like crazy about this time.

Your veggies look very nice.

tdcakes said...

Hi Mrs. Ann, I tasted pickled squash last year!!!...taste just like "pickles"....everyone loves pickles, don't they?
We have a garden, collards, squash, cukes, beans, tomatoes, corn and okra....oh and a few strawberry plants too. Has done very well we have had alot of rain.

Deborah Wilson said...


The pepper looks good! I planted the big cowhorn pepper to make chili sauce - plus I planted a lot of red and green bell pepper.

Michele said...

I know of NOBODY that has a garden in our area.
I've tried and tried and I've given up.
I have to buy squash and cucumbers. And they have wax on them.
But I could also see how they might end up coming out your ears before the season was up.
(I do have a beautiful tomato plant....but no fruit.)