Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Goodies In The Mail

After seeing my post of the cards Imac sent me,Becci wrote that she would like to send me an Iris folded card her sister,Bobbi, had made. And today it came.

Her twin sister made this card. There is a small picture of her on the back.

This is a closer look at the detail. If you click on the picture you can see the detail even more.

This is the inside. I know the paper on the front is folded and used for the color of the butterfly. I don't know why the pieces of paper are on the top inside. Maybe Becci or her sister can explain. This is such a unique card. Have any more of you made folded Iris cards?

Somehow when Bicci said "Iris Folded Card" I expected it would have an Iris on the cover. I must say, I am so pleased with this butterfly. I guess I will go google to see how this one is made.

All I can say is this. The card is so beautiful. And I really thank Becci for sharing her card. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.

Give Becci a visit if you get a chance.


RC said...

wow - that is a beautiful card :-)

Heather said...

wow that is beautiful!

PowersTwinB said...

Hello sweetie...first off, you're very welcomed, I knew one of my twin sister's cards would be fully appreciated! The front of the card is folded wrapping paper, ribbon pieces and just about any material is used, then folded to fit her design she made up...the scraps on the inside pretty much are just decorative , so the card is not so blah...Bobbie, my twin sells these for $8-$10 to stores in Palm Desert, California...The details sometimes makes a card a 2 hour project...I am glad you liked it! Please keep in touch!.

Pat said...

I thought there would be an Iris too! It is beautiful, and she has much more talent then I do, I love the colors!

Pen Pen said...

Beautiful... now, can you make one?