Monday, May 4, 2009

Rolling Ferris Wheel - Dunking booth

This is an actual working ferris wheel on the back of this truck. The guys riding this one were all wet. There was water at the bottom they all had to pass through. Shriners sure know how to have fun.

You may need to click on the pictures to make them bigger to appreciate this part of the parade.


Heather said...

wow! i've never seen that one before. how fun!

Sandy said...

I haven't seen one like that either. What fun!

Lib said...

Hi Ann,
THey sure know how to have fun!:o)
Have a great wk.

Pen Pen said...

Looks like fun! Glad you enjoyed the parade. Can't wait to see the picture of the men on the "things".

Michele said...

That is really NEAT!

Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, look at the guy on the top there! Fun pictures, Ann.



Margaret Cloud said...

You are right about Shriner s do have fun, they are always in our summer parade, riding their little motor scooters.