Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cotton Picking Time

Hard to believe that this year's end is fast approaching. Yesterday the cotton across the road was picked. Those big machines make fast work of what used to take many people and lots more time.

Down the road was where the people were. They were digging sweet potatoes. Didn't get any snapshots of them. They had a cold day and they were doing back-breaking work. Wonder how long before they make some potato picking machines?

Around here, the goat fence is going up in the woods between us and our neighbor to the north. Husband has been working on that today. He's planning a day of fishing for tomorrow.


Mari said...

This is interesting to see. No cotton around here, so I've never seen the machine that picks it.

Ms. A said...

I would think if you have to pick sweet potatoes, (or anything that took a long time) it would be better for it to be cold, than hot. The effort would warm you up, but you're less likely to croak from heat stroke.

Granny Annie said...

I made an effort to chop cotton once when I was in high school. That effort lasted 30 minutes.

possum said...

No cotton around here this year - for which I am grateful. They have to use so many poisons to get a good crop, the water tends to get contaminated. Law around here says they must not grow cotton within 300 feet of any dwellings. Hope it was a good ways from you!