Monday, April 1, 2013

Mouths are Multipling

Remember way back when I posted that we must be rich since we fed so many things around here?  After my husband retired the second time, he sold some of the goats and gave away a lot of chickens.  We kept enough to have plenty of eggs which we mostly gave away or cooked up for the dog when we accumulated too many.  Well, don't look now, but it is starting up again.  I think he has three hens setting on eggs.  These chicks hatched not too long ago. 

My husband often tells me how he loved raising chickens, rabbits, etc. when he was a boy.  And he always tells of how his granny would ask him every day  if he had fed those animals.  He said he would sometimes see her sneeking out there to make sure they got fed.  He always throws a can of corn out on the ground between the barns for the roosters and hens that run around the yard.  The squirrels have learned that he does this and they run over for their share.

Oh well, I get to go to the Tractor store and look around at the cute yard things they have while he's buying feed.


Ms. A said...

You're blessed to have a place that allows you the room to have the extra mouths to feed!

Pen Pen said...

People who love animals have big ole hearts. :)))

Granny Annie said...

Our neighbor gave me a few select eggs to place under my broody hen. She sat for a few days but has abandoned the nest. Maybe she knows something that we don't. I had so hoped for some spring chicks.