Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow topped Bales

This picture reminds me of sugar coated cereal.  Wonder how the cows like it? 

This is the amount of snow we had left around lunch time on Sunday.  Some churches in town postponed services. The roads were fine, so I can only assume the steps might have been frozen and they were afraid someone would get hurt.  We just had church services Sunday morning and Sunday night.  No Sunday School.  I thought the snow was pretty coming down.  I also welcomed the sunshine on Sunday to melt it all away.  I am looking forward to some of those 70's we've had lately.


Mari said...

Yes! It looks like Frosted Mini Wheats. :)
We're supposed to get freezing rain followed by a bunch more snow. :(

Pat said...

I just read Mari's weather report...we both live in MIchigan. Not liking it Mari!
Yes, that hay does look like Frosted wheat! How did your daffodils fair in the snow?

Pen Pen said...

Yes, I am ready for those 70's too!!!

Granny Annie said...

We have had an extremely mild winter but they say it is finally arriving in a blast tomorrow.