Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good Day

So today was a good day.  My driver's license came in the mail and I didn't die of fright from my picture.  Some years,  I pray that I don't have to show it to anyone for the full five years.  Now, all the doctors  want a picture ID. This one will not be too embarassing to show.

My husband killed a couple of roosters yesterday and made chicken salad.  When I hear him sit around and talk about how good mama's chicken was and how they went out and rung their necks, and plucked the feathers, etc.... I know that good memory is not even worth thinking about.  The meat of the yard birds is tough and stringy. Yuck... (remember Penny?)  I prefer grocery store chickens. 

The price of feed is increasing every day.  The hens pay us back with eggs.  The eggs are just as good as the grocery store eggs to me.  We don't eat goat meat.... (yet !!)  The three Billy goats in the picture are for sale. We listed them today on Craig's List. WOW, There is a long list of goats for sale on there. They are selling much lower than what my husband wants for these.  One person in a town not far from us has 22 chickens and 17 goats that "have to go".  Free to anyone that will come to get them.  Today when my husband went to buy feed, he asked the man at the hardware store if he wanted to buy some goats.  The man shot right back, "Do you want to buy a hardware store?"  He's ready to  retire but no one wants to buy his store.

The best part of my day was all the pictures and the video of my great-grands that were posted on Facebook today... the wedding pictures of my granddaughter and my brother... they share the same wedding day... years apart... I know I say this all the time... but I love Facebook!!

We are having to make changes to our insurance provided from the company  from which my husband retired.  We thought everything was set.  Not so... don't know if it is because of the new healthcare or what... but the company is making changes. So part of this day was spent on the phone getting the first part of this ordeal done. I hate change!!  My dad retired from the same company, so tomorrow I will be back on the phone trying to get mama's information in the pipe line.... I will have to go to her house, so she can get on the phone over and over and give them permission for me to do this stuff.

Hope your day was good!


Mari said...

Those goats are pretty cute!
I hate dealing with change, especially when it comes to insurance. Hope it goes well tomorrow!

Ms. A said...

I laughed at your comment on your DL photo. Mine is awful, always is. Stupid thing looks just like me. I hate that!

Granny Annie said...

We get our new drivers license on the spot. There are no do-overs on the photograph and thankfully my last one was okay.

Sold seven pygmy goats on Craig's List last July within one hour of listing them. The fellow who bought them was from about 30 miles away and added them to a small flock of his own to clear brush on his property. I was shocked because the people at our feed store had told me it would be impossible to sell them. It was also very sad and this is the first time I have mentioned getting rid of them.

Pen Pen said...

Yuk on insurance change! Funny on DL..glad you were happy with them. How long do you get to keep these before renewing? Yes, I remember the tough chicken....what a disappointment. LOL Your eggs are probably much healthier than those we get from the grocery store. I laughed at your FB pic's of my granddaughter and brother...glad you explained that. LOL

possum said...

Have heard a lot about folks complaining about the cost of chicken feed. We will be fencing in a friend's yard to let her chickens roam a bit further and still not visit the neighbor! She will do half a yard this year, the other half next year, switch them back and forth.