Friday, August 31, 2012

Today It Did Not Rain

Our yard is still very wet, but today it did not rain.  I actually got in the car and went to pick up my own pills.  Seems that since my husband retired I don't get to drive as much.  But, that's okay, as long as I get to go with him. Neither of us felt quite up to par today.  He decided to sleep a while. My sinuses were giving me a fit all day.

Well, we watched a lot of the Republican convention this week.  And we are looking forward to seeing the Democrats next week. Then this Independent will have to decide who will get my vote.

As usual the picture as usual has nothing to do with the post. 


Ms. A said...

Bok, bok!

I like the new header!!!

Pen Pen said...

Next week you will see a lot of smart a** comments from your current president about his opponent. That's all he's got...LOL

Pen Pen said...

ps...I meant to ask Daddy what he is doing now days with all his free time. Now I know, he is driving Miss Daisy!

Mari said...

I don't usually say much about politics but we're just home from watching the movie out now - 2016 - Obama's America. If you aren't sure who you're voting for you really need to see it.