Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trespassing ??

This is the tree filled with Spanish moss at the back of the cemetery.
This is the front of the cemetery.  The plaque on the stone fence says Biddle Cemetery.

This is a few of the tombstones.

A better shot of the stone walls.

Several years ago, when there was no barrier to the field that this cemetery is in, I took lots of shots of the graves. All those pictures were on my very first computer.  You know what happened!  Crash and I lost them all.  I have always wanted to go back to do the Biddle Cemetery again.  I do not know anyone that could give me permission, and every time since, when we went by, the gate to the field was locked.

This past week on a very hot day we were headed somewhere else and we passed the field.  The gate was wide open.  After looking around and not seeing anyone working in the field,  we dared to go in.  Drove up the path to the cemetery.  The condition was not as good as the first time I took pictures.  The grass and weeds were so high I wouldn't go inside the fence.  I quickly hurried around the outside and took a few pictures.  We wouldn't stay long as we didn't want the farmer to come back and lock the gate while we were back there.  These pictures are not as good as the first ones,  but I'm glad I took the chance.


Mari said...

What a nice old cemetery. I'm glad you took the chance and got some more pictures.

Ms. A said...

Your photos are great, but someone needs to get in there with a weed whacker, desperately.

Granny Annie said...

Cemeteries are all becoming things of the past. With so many cremations along with restrictions on grave markers other than flat plaques we're going to have to hope these can last centuries.

Pen Pen said...

I didn't know you needed to have permission to visit a cemetery. Glad you got your pic's. Pretty! We noticed an old cemetery on our way home from your house Friday that we had never noticed before. It was the road that turned off 102 by that little store with the Pepsi painting on it that everyone takes a picture of. This cemetery still had the old metal fencing around it.

imac said...

The Brave wins my friend.

Renie Burghardt said...

Nice pictures! I like to visit old cemeteries, and never had to ask for permission. There is one not too far from here that is a family plot, and the weeds are knee deep. I guess most of the family is no longer around to take care of it. Sad!

Hope it's not as hot your way as it is here!

janie said...

I love old cemeteries! I like to take a box of clay slabs and make pressings of interesting/pretty/unusual/neat things that are on the headstones. The new slick headstones are not good for pressing, it has to be an old one. I fire the pressings and use them for molds to make unusual pots. I seldom press names, unless I like the font. I collected a complete alphabet at an old cemetery one day. I need to visit the pre-Civil War cemetery close to us, there is a beautiful headstone with flowers and wreaths and all kinds of pretty stuff.
I am glad you went back and got the pictures.

possum said...

It is sad that so many old cemeteries appear to have been abandoned.. But folks move away, time moves on and there is no one left who can keep these places clean or who care about them.
The Shore has dozens of small spots, some in the middle of fields surrounded by soybeans, monuments sticking up above the leaves.
Glad you got to "visit."