Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving Impatiens

We finally got some good rain last night. So today I started moving impatiens.

They now have their flowers open so I can tell what kind I am moving. I filled one pot with salmon colored plants. I planted red up around the front porch. I planted a line of pink next to the shelter. All of these are volunteers, and so you never know what colors will come back. I find that the white ones are not very plentiful. So far I have not seen a single white one in all those plants. I sure hope it rains again tonight so I don't have to keep watering all those I'm moving.

Debbie, you will notice that I put a frog in a turned over pot. I told you I was going to copy your idea.


Pat said...

Now I need to put a frog in an overturned pot!

Mari said...

I like the frog idea too! I didn't know impatiens would come back. They never do here.

Renie Burghardt said...

I like the pretty settting you created for your impatients. You're so creative, Ann.

We had some good showers as well, and everything looks refreshed after the long, dry hot spell.

middle child said...

Responding to your comment. We actually used to have a claw foot tub too! I need to get a camera and then have one of the kids show me how to post pictues.

Ms. A said...

We finally got a tiny sprinkle the other day. Not much. Still have to water and everything is dry as a bone.