Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hyper or Hypo

The dogwood blooms finally turned white.

So the pics have nothing to do with the subject

Does anyone else have thyroid problems? I have a flipping thyroid. (the doctor said that one time)

I was put on a medicine to help my thyroid, some time ago, because I was "hypo". At the time, I thought I didn't need any meds, as I had looked up the "numbers" in my daughter's old "nursing books". But I took it as prescribed.

After the first month, I was told to take the meds every other day. Then I had to stop completely. ( I had blood test in between each change up).. they wanted me to see a specialist...(I didn't go) I really thought they did not know what they were doing.

I didn't take any thyroid meds for a year or two. I got blood work done again last fall and they decided I was "hyper" and sent me to the specialist. She diagnosed me as having Graves Disease. I was definitely "hyper".

So I took her meds for a month, had blood drawn and was told to cut back to 1/2 pill every day. Tuesday, I had blood drawn again. The nurse called and told me to not take any meds for a month (I'm "hypo" again.) This thyroid mess is so confusing to me.


imac said...

Maybe you should Google it?

Pen Pen said...


Pat said...

Wow, that is strange. I have a slightly underactive thyroid and take one tiny pill every morning. So far, my numbers have stayed in the normal range, and I've been on it for a couple of years. I've head of graves disease, but am not really familiar with it. Maybe it's time for a second opinion.
I'll keep you in prayer.

Mind Movies Reviews said...

Now that's really strange. Go try and ask for a second opinion.

Renie Burghardt said...

Dogwoods are so pretty. Mine aren't blooming yet, but soon. Redbud's are blooming now.

Don't know much about thyroid problems. You should definately get another opinion.

Have a good weekend!

Debbie J said...

Maybe theh doctor has ADD. Hope your confusing situation works itself out soon!

Meggie said...

Very curious. My Grandmother had a huge Goitr, which had to be surgically removed. We were told to always use iodised salt to avoid thyroid problems. My brother recently had a thyroid tumour removed. It was benign.

Rhiana said...

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