Monday, January 3, 2011

The Merry Go Round Slows a Little

The waiting room was overflowing. No one seemed particularly sick. One person was sleeping over in the corner. Loud snoring finally had everyone giggling. The lady raised her head, looked around, tried to read her paper, and in no time was back to sleep. Quietly this time.

Big sign in the sign in area "PLEASE TURN ALL CELL PHONES OFF". Everyone reaching for the phones and the different ring tones announcing the phones were off as they walked into the waiting area. Why is there always a few that simply refuse to follow orders? We'd been there fifteen minutes, when one woman's phone rang. She fished it out of her purse and had a ten minute conversation with someone about what she was doing at the doctors.

So today was doctor day again. Was sent to radiology to take a pill and return tomorrow for xray. Was asked if he'd had any xrays in the last month. Why yes, he got an xray when we were at the ER for the kidney stone. We were sent back home and told to come back on the 19th to try again. A couple of weeks with no doctor's visits. Yay!!


Debbie J said...

Yes, those waiting room visits can yield some good stories. Everybody there has a different problem, personality and story.

At a recent wait with Mama, there was a young couple, the girl was obviously pregnant, and they sat there cuddled up crying. I don't know what there story was, but it wasn't good. A little old lady who seemed a little like she had dementia went over and comforted them. It was a very touching scene.

Glad you've got a break coming up from doctgors!

Lib said...

Isn't it amazing how some folks act in public? lol
Have agreat wk.

Meggie said...

Seems folks are the same the world over- mobile phones can be so useful... and soooo annoying!
The view is sure 'different' in a Hospital waiting room!

Pat said...

If you're anything me, sitting in a waiting room is annoying without anyone around! But, I have leaned with age, to roll a little better with the punches. Most times LOL!
Glad you have a little rest from the doctors visits...praying.

Pen Pen said...

Oh I just found this... now i know the story behind daddy's tests! I love you!!