Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am truly enjoying Skype. When my daughter has her grandson, Avery, she Skypes me. I get to see what is going on at her house through my computer. While she is on, I am able to snap pics. Here are a few of the baby that I took yesterday.

Here she is showing me he still doesn't have any teeth.

And here he is showing me his tongue.

Here he is showing his big smile.

Here he is being sweet and serious. I love him. Can you tell?


Pat said...

Yes, I can tell you love him, and I don't blame you one little bit! Not all progress is good, but I have to say that this portion of it is wonderful!
I've never tried skype, but I hear it's great!
That is one adorable baby!!

Michele said...

He is ADORABLE! I know you all enjoy him!

Lib said...

How Precious! It does show you Love him .:o)
Have a Great day!

Field of Dreams said...

Skype is sooo awesome:)

Sandy said...

He is tooo cute.

Meggie said...

No wonder you love him, he is just gorgeous!

Janette said...

WE skype my grandson several times a week. Actually, at three he learned how to skype me! I would get the ringing phone and expect to see my daughter. Instead I hear, "Hi Nana- It is Nickoness"
I look forward to setting up Skype for my mom when I get home! she could have great conversations with her great grandson that way!

Thanks for stopping by to see my colors:>)