Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moon Flowers

This is the vine I have growing on the light post this year.

If you remember I planted beans on it last year. I almost didn't plant anything, but then I thought of the moon flower seeds I had saved. They got a late start but they have been beautiful.

The only time I see them is early morning and early evening. During the day the flowers are closed. I have been told that they smell so good. I wouldn't know. I have lost most of my sense of smell.


possum said...

Oh, lucky you! Yes, they do have a wonderful fragrance... I haven't seen any for years. Where did you get the seeds?

Margaret Cloud said...

I haven't seen these Moon Flowers since my late Aunt grew them and I don't know where she got the seeds,

imac said...

Wonderful, they look beautiful.

Lib said...

How BEautiful!
Hope You and Your DH is doing well. Still praying for ya'll!

Meggie said...

What a shame you can't smell the Moon Flowers. I don't know if we have them over here. They look lovely.