Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Again...

Our last morning at the hospital. The surgery is over and we know he's going home today. (Saturday Aug.28,2010) A long 13 days.

You should have seen the sweet reunion. He and Missy (the dog) were so happy to see each other.

Then today our sweet great grandson came to visit his great granddaddy.

Please continue to pray for Curtis' completely recovery. I worry that he is doing too much too fast.


Mary said...

Ann, I had the quadruple bypass in April, so know exactly what Curtis is going through. Tell him it gets better each day, but takes about 6 weeks before you begin to be pain free and get some energy. Praying for both of you.


Pen Pen said...

That's two FINE looking men in your pictures! If Daddy does too much, it will tell on him soon enough.... then he will HAVE to rest again. YOu can't tell hard headed people much... LOL. I love you!!!

Debbie J said...

Its wonderful that everything went so well and now you guys have a long rest of your life together! The baby is growing so fast and quite a handsome little fellow too!

Pat said...

I will continue to's so hard not to over-do, so you keep an eagle eye on your man!
That baby is too cute for words!!

possum said...

I know how happy you are to have him home. And that has to be the cutest baby ever!

Lib said...

So Happy Ya'll are home! No place like home and your own bed:o)
2 Handsome men in your Post:o)
Still praying for ya'll!

Meggie said...

So glad the man you love is safely home again! I am sure he will learn to pace himself. Being a dog lover, I can imagine the joy.
Your Great Grandson is just a treasure!!