Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Houses... if they could talk...

On my way back from FRED's this morning, I decided to go home the back way. Those daffodils have come up year after year. People from all over come to take pictures in their beauty.

This old house sits cross corner from the daffodils. If it could talk, we might know who planted all of them. Or it might tell us that someone got tired of daffodils in their yard and threw a big handful of bulbs across the road into the woods. However they started, they are beautiful now. They go on and on in long stretches along this road.

Old houses always catch my eye. And then I start wondering... who lived here last? who lived here first? What kind of people were they? Old? Young? Healthy? Sickly? Why are these houses still here? Who owns them?

Nature soons reclaims its spot. Trees,weeds,and vines will soon hide "men's structures" until they rot away and no longer will be remembered.


Renie Burghardt said...

I'm the same way, when I see old houses. There is one,way in the back on my property. Just about falling apart now, but daffies and Irises still bloom there. I have dug some up in the past and brought them here. No no one has lived there in years.

Nice pictures! Spring is so wonderful, isn't it? I am enjoying it immensely.



Meggie said...

I love to ponder and wonder about old houses too. I love to see the plants that remain, & think of the once keen gardener who must have planted them.
We seem to have Beautiful white Lillies which grow wild on the roadsides, and I am curious as to how they becme wild. I would bet if I tried to grow them, they would wither & die!!
I am so glad your mother seems to be managing on her own again. Hugs XX

Granny Annie said...

Under those roofs are stories of birth, death, joy, sorrow, hard work, sharing, taking, legal and illegal activities. My mind goes crazy when we spot one because I want the history. Great post and wonderful photographs.

Pen Pen said...

I always wonder about old houses too and try to envision what life was like in that house, so many years ago. Sometimes I like to "name" the people who might have lived there. :o)

Lib said...

Love the Photos!
I'm like you wonder everything.Wish they could talk!;o)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I wish I could get a picture of every old house I see......I wonder too, who lived there, and how long ago? I always say...*poor little house*...when we pass by one.

Annie said...

Love these photos. I always wonder about old places like that too. There's a lot of them in NC.

hope you're having a nice weekend!