Thursday, February 25, 2010

Political Discussions

Listen children, let me tell you something. People are so wishy-washy. You know another election is coming up in May.

The local sheriff is going to be challenged. Lot of whispers going around about one of the girls might have done away with her husband and there was a cover up. Couldn't prove that so they sent her off to jail for tipping off someone they were about to bust for drugs. Such a mess!

So now our man's son is going to change from Republican to Democrat just so he can vote for the sheriff, who he thinks is getting a bum deal. Our man's neighbors are going to change from Republican to Democrat so they can be sure to vote for the other guy. Our man and his wife are going to change to Independent. Who would have ever believed this would happen? People are so wishy-washy. Yep they sure are.


Pen Pen said...

Wow, you need to fill me in on this situation... sounds intriquing. I hope others will do the same, to get the right guy in there!

Granny Annie said...

I love anyone who gets in a fervor to vote. That means they are familiar with the issues.

Sandy said...

Yikes, you need to fill me in, too. What a muckity muck!

Meggie said...

My cynical son would say, Politicians are just No Damn Good!
It is all a worry!

janie said...

I can't figure out who is 'Our Man'. Is that your dog in the race? Sorry to be so stupid, just have not heard the term.

We also have a mess. Our Sheriff thinks he is the most beautiful creature ever was, and does very little sheriffin'. He wanted a van and a detail to accompany trustees while they are out working for non-profit folks, so he told the state boys about the escaped prisoner, using that as a reason for needing the van and stuff. That set off a real to-do, as he was breaking a lot of rules with the trustees anyway, so now he doesn't have a van, nor a detail, and nobody can use the trustees except they take them back to the jail every hour on the hour so a deputy can lay eyes on them. Like they couldn't run off 5 minutes later.

The particular man who escaped was a Mexican National, who had just been convicted and sentenced to 17 years in the big house for dope dealing. I mean, he has just been sentenced on Friday, and he escaped on Sunday. By 'escape', I mean that they let him do the yard work at the courthouse unescorted, and he laid the blower down still running, and got in a car and rode away. Stupid sheriff should have been run off then. He has had about 5 people escape, all of them bad dudes, too.

Doesn't matter, I am not going to change parties.

Margaret Cloud said...

Nice picture, one thing I don't do is mess in Politics. Have a nice Sunday.