Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty Berry Bush

Remember back in December of last year, when my friend sent me seeds of the Beauty Berry Bush? I put some everywhere. Some by the fence, Some in a pot, and Some just thrown on the ground. Well, I didn't know what the leaf looked like and I've probaby pulled up most of them. But just a while back I noticed something growing up in an Azalea bush. I asked my husband not to cut it out because I could see the beginnings of some berries on the limb.

So today I took another look .. and guess what... the berries are now turning purple. I have a Beauty Berry Bush. I will save some of these berries and pay special attention to the leaves.

I expect to have more of these bushes next year and in a place of their own. Thanks so much my friend from Possum Lane. In spite of myself, I have berries...LOL!


possum said...

ALL RIGHT!!!!! YEA!!!!
Good for you! I had been wondering but was almost afraid to ask!
What if you put some of the berries in some clean potting soil in pots that you can keep an eye on????? Then you might have a fighting chance of knowing what the baby plants look like!
I am so glad at least one grew for you! There just might be some more around - unless you are better at weeding than I!

Pen Pen said...

Those are pretty! Funny that you got one "in spite of yourself". Love you!

Renie Burghardt said...

They are pretty, Ann. I have never heard of them before. I think possum has a good idea about planting some of the seeds in pots. I guess the berries are not eatable, but they sure look like they might taste good.

Have a great Thursday!

Meggie said...

Very pretty berries! Lucky for you, Gom was not around, or you would have none!!

Paula said...

I love how they grow! I've never seen anything like that before. Good job growing them!

Anonymous said...
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Concierge said...
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