Monday, December 23, 2013

That Tree

The big boys were here and spent Saturday night with us. Sunday was like summertime. Just had to get them in the tree for a picture. We have another great grandson (3 months old) who will need some more time before he can get in the tree for a picture. Also another great granddaughter will be born in April. Her tree picture will have to come much later.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Talking to myself here...

I revisited "Words With Friends" and got hooked all over again. My sisters and I have been playing and I am tired. Those girls, to be new players, sure caught on fast. Whew... I had to take a break. None of you ever got caught up in that stuff, did you??

Christmas is almost here and I haven't put out any decorations. Every thing just seems so hard to do, anymore. Guess my age is catching up with me. Seems this time of the year gets so busy, I really don't enjoy it. Anyway that's not what Christmas is all about.

We celebrate Jesus' birth. It seems that Christians are mocked more and more as time goes on. That doesn't matter either. Jesus told us in His WORD that is the way it would be. I'm glad I know HIM as my Savior. No matter what happens, I win.