Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking for the Shade

It is finally warming up around here.  Couple of days of almost 90's.  I had moved this planter to the chair since nothing is growing in it this year.  Matti doesn't miss a thing.  We were outside and she pointed out the "Duck!"  When we were inside and I opened up the refrigerator, she saw the orange juice and pointed out "Donald Duck." I really enjoy my great-grands!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Family Out For A Walk

Sorry I blurred this picture but the title is exactly what I was thinking as I caught this shot as husband and I brought up the rear.  Really, we had just been exploring the woods behind my neighbor's house.  He had asked husband if he'd be interested in buying this plot of land and we were checking the line.

This property has a pond on it.  Husband imagines us fishing from the banks.  I can only think of mosquitoes.  And I also noticed some ground bees at one end of the pond.  Somehow, I don't see myself doing anything around that pond.  I guess he can put up more fence and the goats will have more room to roam. 
I was so glad for my beautiful rubber boots my daughter had given me for Christmas.  Somehow  I think they are safer for walking around in the woods. I'm so glad we saw no snakes.  I guess the dog and the guineas would have scared them away.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Seeing as how our government seems to have been snooping into people's phone calls,  investigating some people's IRS information, and no one knows what else, I think I'm getting paranoid.  I know "they" say that anything you post on line never goes away.  And as much information as there is on Facebook, I guess anyone could find out whatever they want to know.

I don't  know if you've ever noticed the thingy on down the page that tells me when someone visits and it list the towns, country, etc.. that my visitors came from.  Well, I know its not accurate because my own visits come from a different town every few days...

BUT today was interesting...   On Wednesday we went to Autryville NC to get a bush hog that my husband had found on Craig's List.  AND today I have a visitor from Autryville NC.  Nothing was said about me having a blog.  I know one of my visitors lives down that way but have never had Autryville show up on my list before.   Strange?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Carolina Roadside

Somewhere in Sampson County....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cry into the Wind (A book I read)

I think this family lives on my road.  They have been there for a few months.  We noticed they burned wood and we noticed when it got very low on the front porch.

 My husband had some that had been cut that needed to be split.  One cold afternoon he loaded the wood he had and took it down to ask them if they could use it.  The woman was very appreciative of the wood.  She had a son about 13 that was able to split it up.

  He found that her husband was in jail.  She had about 5 or 6 children ranging in age to about 2 to 13.  When she washes her clothes she fills lines she stretches across her front porch.  At that time she said she had no way to go anywhere as she didn't have a car.  Her husband got out of jail, but I don't see him there.

Some one else brought her a load of wood.  Sometimes I see a car there that stays for awhile.  Sometimes I see another woman staying there and there seem to be extra children when she's there.

 I saw that they had taken a couch and love seat to the house last Friday. It stayed on the porch all afternoon until the older children got home and it had been moved into the house.

 I am not the kind who wants to get in other peoples business.  I have see some little kids (ages 2-3) playing out side early in the morning on the highway in front of their house.  I am afraid for their safety. I know these people are struggling. But I just don't know what to do to help them.  I'm sure they probably get help with food stamps, etc.

Please pray for this family.  Their last name is King.  I will feel so much better about them when it finally gets warm.

Our church is going through a difficult time.  Our pastor resigned our church and went home to pastor a church that he grew up in.  Now we are in the process of looking for a new preacher.  We have tried out a few.  Please pray that we will vote in the one our LORD wants us to have.

I dearly loved our Last Pastor , his wife and his children.  They were with us for 24 years.  I felt like GOD had sent him there especially for me.  They were there when I first found out I had breast cancer. They were so good to me and gave me such hope that things were going to be okay... and it was... 

Tonight, I know that the preachers we have heard, anyone of them, would made  a good leader for our church.  I just hope we get one soon.  I covet your prayers as we go through this season of change.  I would certainly appreciate it.  GOD IS GOOD !!

These are the ones who left us.  When they first came to our church the boys were little boys.  Their daughter was born after they came.  What a sweet family.  I hope their new church realizes how wonderful they are.