Monday, November 26, 2007

I've Started Christmas Decorating

This is a wreath I have used for years.

It was made by my SIL long ago!

I'm not doing a tree this year. Just placing little things I have on table tops. Some of these were gifts.

Some of these are odd pieces I found on yard sales.

This Camel and King I found at a Church Yard Sale.

And this one I got last year after Christmas. Tells more of the story!

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Updates !!

Hey everyone, Just wanted you to know my cousin, Addie has posted again from Iraq. Check it out!

Also my new blogging friend, Janie has a wealth of information for any one interested in gardening. How about checking out her blogspot and making her feel welcome. Thanks!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just Messing Around

I was just messing around with his picture. This is the full shot.

Then I decided to just crop and save the barn out of that picture.

Then I decided to crop and save the trees in the left hand corner.

Like I said... just messing around.

We took a little ride over to the small town north of us and then circled back on country roads back toward home. We could see something burning in the distance. When we got there it was a combine on fire. (bean picker) The firemen were just keeping the area around it wet so the fire couldn't jump to the dry grass and woodlands.

From Gum Swamp road we worked our way back to our own little town. We decided to get a milkshake so we turned on to third street heading to McDonalds. Just past the stop light we saw a young deer come out of the alley and cross over third street into the next alley. Poor thing was lost and in the middle of town.

Exciting things can be found when you are just messing around.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

Thank You God For Your Everlasting Mercy And Goodness To Me !!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hmmmm, sometimes you find things you didn't want to know. Just up here checking out the court calanders and find relatives all among the people heading to court. Some of them are complete surprises. Seems some of my family members refuse to use their seat belts. It's bad when you get caught once, but three times?

Others are a little more involved. Much more serious. What were they thinking? Maybe that's the trouble, they were not thinking.

Now, that I've opened my mouth about their transgressions, I will probably be the next one getting a ticket. I sure hope not!!

This has been a trying few days. And the thing that was the worst was trying to get pills ordered through the mail here on time. After a free 5 day prescription to try to hold until the meds arrived, still the medicine didn't come. Yesterday, after I spoke with a representive, she reported that package lost in the mail and reordered to be shipped tomorrow.

And you know how that turned out... Today the medicine first ordered finally arrived, and so I was back on the phone to cancel the order that was suppose to ship tomorrow. This is the first time the medicine didn't get here on time. Some times it was close, but never this late.

We've had a beautiful day weather wise. And tomorrow is suppose to be the same. They are saying we might get rain on Thanksgiving and all of us will be grateful. They say one lake that supplies water to Raleigh has a bout 110 days supply left. Then they will be pumping from the Neuse River. After the flood of 1999, I guess we never expected to see this lasting drought. Do you suppose GOD is trying to get our attention again?

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for all HIS wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of Thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing. Psalm 107:21 and 22.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally Fall

This week it is beginning to look like Fall around here. Not so much in my own yard.

The blue berry bushes have changed color.

This tree is next to the path in my yard.

Along the NC country roads there is color peeking from the greeness of the woods. On Friday morning on the way to the doctor's office with my husband, I noticed that there is red, yellow, gold along with the green and brown. At Last!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Shoe Boxes

This is the most fun part of Christmas for me. I love packing a shoe box for Samaritans Purse.

This is the girls box.

And This is the boy's box.

This year I did two boxes. I look for bargains all during the year for these boxes. Remember the pencils and crayons I got this past summer? Some of them are in there. I also added some blow pops and chewing gum. I hope the children that receive them will like them as much as I liked doing it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long Ago...

Look at these three children on that pony. The boy is now 22 yrs.old, the girl in the middle is 20 yrs. old, and the girl in the front just turned 21 yrs. old. I think the pony has passed away. "Pudding" is the pony and the children are some of my grandchildren.

Some days I just feel "OLD".

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day In The Woman's Life

The woman noticed the smoke first. Drifting, white smoke around the top of the house next door. “ Umm,” she thought, “The neighbors must be grilling.” She kept on dusting the table. But something drew her eyes back to the window and the house next door. And then she really saw it. The grill was on its side on the ground. No one was cooking. Why was there smoke?

She stepped to the door that led onto the porch next to the neighbor’s house. There seemed to be more smoke. She kept going, out, onto the porch, still peering to see where the smoke was coming from.

Then she heard it. A man was calling his wife’s name. Over and over he called for her. The woman’s heart began to beat faster. Quickly she ran between the hedges over into the neighbor’s yard. The man was still calling his wife. More smoke was coming out of the house.

The woman ran up the back steps and into the den of the house next door. She quickly crossed the room toward the bedroom. She realized now she was calling the man’s name. She got to the door of the bedroom and stared in horror. The sheets were on fire and she could just see one of the man’s legs was black where it had been burned.

Turning with extreme fright, the woman raced out the door, across the neighbor’s yard. What to do? What to do? And all the time she was running toward the front of the house and across the street to the doctor’s office. She didn’t realize she, herself, was now screaming, “Help, Help, Mr. B. is burning in his bed.”

Some men waiting in cars out side the doctor’s office jumped out and ran toward the back door the woman had just left. The woman was running into the doctor’s office like a wild woman. Still yelling, “Help, Help, Mr. B. is burning in his bed!” The doctor appeared, seemingly from out of nowhere. Calming the woman he asked, “Did you call the fire department?” “ No,” the woman answered.

The doctor spoke to his secretary. “Call the fire department!” and then moved quickly to a safe behind the half wall. He unlocked the safe, grabbed a needle full of medicine and raced out ahead of the woman across the street to the neighbor’s house.

The woman ran back to her own home. It had only been a few minutes but felt like a lifetime. The rescue squad and the fire trucks were soon there. She saw them bring Mr. B. out on the stretcher. She saw the man’s wife rush home and leave again quickly heading to the hospital. She saw the firemen bring the burned mattress out the back door and place it near the street for the trash men to pick up.

And she stood there and berated herself. She KNEW you were supposed to try to smother a fire. She had read and read all the instructions on how to react to emergencies such as this, and she had done Nothing! Panic had overtaken her, and all she could do was run and yell for help. She had not known that she would have reacted this way.
True Story

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Small Town Museums

Don't you just love small town museums? My small town doesn't have one. The small town to our north has one and the small town to our south has one. We visited the one to our south last weekend. This first picture is a black dress and bonnet. The little note attached to it told who the dress belonged to and a little story to go with it. It seems the owner of this dress had gone to the hospital to visit a relative. She stepped out in front of a car and was injured herself. This is the dress she was wearing.

And I think every old museum has an old wedding dress. This one did not have a note pinned to it.

And most of the museums have an Indian room. This is always my favorite room. My boys found arrow heads in the fields across the road from our house. Almost as good as finding good shells on a beach...LOL

We saw old pictures of people, tobacco in every form on display, a whiskey still, old carriages and old toys, old dishes, old desks, old books, an old carved wooden Indain, animal heads of animals shot in Africa, old school yearbooks, old doctor's offices, old dentists offices, pictures and books of the flood of 1999, and many more things. Look around your home towns. You might find treasures you didn't know exsited

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What would you write?

Over at her blogspot
has tagged me for a meme that was started by Amy The meme is What would I write if I had an extra hour every day?

Well, let me see:

1. I suppose I’d try harder to do a blog each day.

2. I’d write more “real” emails to my friends and family. Being addicted to reading blogs has begun to take up too much of my time. LOL

3. I’d take more time to send out those “Get Well” and “Sympathy” and “Thank You” cards that I owe to so many people. And maybe even write something personal in them.

4. Oh yes, Amy said we could dream… I would write a best selling novel and make lots of money.

5. I’d be writing the jokes that all those striking writers are not writing for Jay, and Dave….LOL Steal all their jobs!!

I’m not going to choose anyone else to do this meme. If anyone would like to do it, have fun ….

Monday, November 5, 2007

Did you notice?

I was at a little history museum in the next town this weekend. They had a display set up to represent one of the older doctor's offices. The doctor they were honoring was Dr. Troutman, one of the best doctors I ever knew. My daughter did home health for him several years back and she and he got to be good friends. They both loved to make baskets. I think she told me that he told her how to make a stain using green walnut hulls. Anyway, Dr. Troutman got better and still practices medicine in New Bern now one day a week.

Did you notice anything strange about the patient? I never saw it until it was pointed out to me.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ann's Animals

If you read my meme, you know I'm not too fond of animals. But I do claim some! These are some examples of the kind I like. The first picture is the top of my refrigerator. These roosters and hens were some we gave as gifts to my grandmother and my husband's mother early in our marriage. They both wrote our names, (mine under the hens and my husband's under the roosters. When my grandmother passed away about 1976, my aunt discovered that our names were on that set and she insisted that we take them back. Then in 1996 when my husband's father passed away, (MIL's death was 1989) my husband found our names on that set and he brought them home after his family met to devide up their things.

This black bear was a birthday present to me a few years back. My daughter saw me admire it while we were at a big yardsale at Liberty, NC. She went back later and got it for me. I love it!! Lots of people who visit us love it also. A friend that loves to bear hunt has threatened to steal it.

This year on my birthday my Son brought me this one. As he pulled it out of the bag, I told him... "I have been wanting that monkey"!! And I have. I had seen it at a gift store but wouldn't get it for myself. Right now I have him hanging from a hook on the back porch and we can see him looking in the kitchen windows...LOL I'm not sure if that will be his spot forever. I'm thinking I might bring him inside.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Today is W-I-N-D-Y

Today the wind is really blowing. There is a storm out in the ocean off the North Carolina coast. Its name is Noel. Have you heard of it?

The weather people told us we would have winds of 10 miles per hour. Our winds are much more than that. It has already blown the gutters off our front porch. We just got back from Lowes. We bought long screw like nails and my husband has braved the winds to put the gutters back up.

Also the temps are about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

AOL has messed up this post several times. This is the forth time trying to post. I guess the winds are messing with my ISP connection.

I can only wonder what it is doing out on Hatteras where Beach Girl lives. The weather people said at the noon hour that water would probably cross Hwy 12.

So this post is short today. Let’s see if Blogger can get this one up!!